General Responsibilities

  1. As with any other physical activity, walking has associated risks, even if small, to the people and the areas where it occurs. These risks can be minimised or eliminated taking precautionary actions as outlined in the “Conduct Code and good practices for natural areas visitors” prepared by ICNF- National Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation.
  2. It is mandatory for participants to comply with the above code.
  3. It is the sole responsibility of the client to make sure that he or she is in good enough health to participate in the walks.


  1. The Nature Tourism activities organised and realised by PerNatur are in accordance with the legal framework in Portugal and are covered by the following insurances:
    1. Civil Responsibility Insurance that covers all and any damage to the environment, property and third parties caused by accidents during the activity;
    2. Personal accident insurance for the participants.
  2. All prices include:
    1. Taxes in Portugal;
    2. Pick-up and drop-off at the accommodation unit, in Olhão County;
    3. Fully guided tour;
    4. Consultation of field guides (Birds, Flowers, Plants, Reptiles, Amphibious and Insects);
    5. Use of optical equipment (Binoculars; Telescopes if applicable).


  1. The procedure for making reservations is as follows:
    1. Inform PerNatur of your interest, using one of the options:
      1. Fill in the online form;
      2. Email to;
      3. Telephone contact to (+351) 967 812 999;
      4. In person at the promotional stand.
    2. Confirmation of availability and payment details are sent via email or text. Payment should be made as soon as possible by one of the options:
      1. Via PayPal, in full, to;
      2. Via Bank Transfer, send proof of transfer to;
      3. Or cash at the promotional stand.
  2. A confirmation email or SMS will be sent once payment has been received.

Cancellations and reimbursement

  1. PerNatur reserves the right to cancel the activities due to circumstances beyond our control that might put safety of the participants at risk, including extreme weather conditions, natural catastrophes and public calamities;
  2. If PerNatur has to cancel an activity, nothing will be charged to the Client;
  3. There will be no cancellation of activities due to rain;
  4. If the client cancels his reservation up to 5 days prior to the activity, nothing will be charged;
  5. If the client cancels his reservation with less than 5 days to the activity or fails to show up, there will be no reimbursement;
  6. All the activities have established 2 people as the minimum number of participants. In the event of the minimum number of participants is not reached, the Client may choose one of the following options:
    1. Participate in the activity on a different date;
    2. Participate in the activity at a higher price;
    3. If the above options are not acceptable to the Client, a refund will be issued.

Complaints and Comments

  1. In PerNatur we work to improve our activities continuously to exceed our Clients’ expectations and it is very important to obtain information about the level of satisfaction of our Clients.
  2. If you have any complaint or comment to make about our activities, please contact us. Your opinion is very important and will be answered as quickly as possible.
  3. PerNatur has a Complaints Book, according to the Portuguese law.
  4. So that that you can access and share your experience, the PerNatur has a page in the Trip Advisor.

Emergency Resources

  1. PerNatur has established a partnership with the Emergencies – ECDE International, which provides geolocation technological resources, with GPS and GSM /GPRS technologies combined. To the exact location of the activity´s participants is monitored permanently, in real time, via internet. The Emergencies – ECDE International provides professionals with fluency in 6 European languages that assures a better flow in communication in an emergency.
  2. The  Emergencies – ECDE International resources will work, in an emergency scenario, to complement INEM (Portuguese Medical Emergency Institute) to expedite and shorten all the assistance process throughout the location and respective ways of access, and overcoming linguistic barriers that might exist.