Olhão county territory is bordered in the South by Ria Formosa and integrates in North area the Serra de Monte Figo.

The Ria Formosa is an ecosystem with an incomparable natural richness that provides excellent conditions for bird watching.

The Cerro de S. Miguel and the Cerro da Cabeça, both part of Serra de Monte Figo, feature incomparable environment and countryside.

Due to the territory incorporated in coastline and hinterland it contains as a whole an impressive biodiversity of both fauna and flora.

The archaeological finds prove the human presence in the territory where today is Olhão, since the Neolithic period. The successive inhabitants of Roman, Visigoths, Arabic origin that populated this area, left their cultural legacy that resulted in Olhão possessing today an authentic and genuine culture strongly embedded in their people, traditions, habits, legends, mysteries, in the affable and rebel spirit, and even on the architecture of unique traces that won the title of Cubic Land.

Walk through the area is by far the best way to know and appreciate this natural and cultural heritage.

Add the benefits to health, due to the practice of walking, to the pleasure and fun of a leisure activity while you enjoy the natural and cultural values of this region is what we would like to offer to the participants in ours walks.

The Bird Route

Come on this relatively flat walk in the heart of Ria Formosa, notice the labyrinth of channels and marsh vegetation, be dazzled by the sun reflection on the water, breathe in the sea air loaded with salt, cross with a Chameleon (Chamaleo chamaleon), spot aquatic birds and listen their distinct sounds, observe activity with local traditions such as the salt production.

The Cerro de S. Miguel Route

Come to know one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Portugal, with mountains and sea and the most outstanding view point over the Ria Formosa.

The Cerro da Cabeça Route

Join us on this trail used by wild animals, breathe in the fresh air, smell the different fragrances and odours of the vegetation, appreciate the silence being disturbed by the sounds of birds and insects, extend the vision to breath taking landscapes, and all of this while getting some exercise.